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Bang Bua Thong District  

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Wat Leng Nei Yi 2
The Chinese?rooted Thai people of 63 families jointly cooperated to build this monastery to celebrate the present king?s honour on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej 50th years coronation anniversary whereby the constructional material were brought from China and it was built according to the Buddha art in Ming and Qing Dynasties that created a beautiful architecture similarly to that of the Grand Palace of Beijing . It is the establishment place for 3 Buddha images , namely , the one in the past , at present and one in the future , it has also Goddess Guan-Im carved from a sole tree of Calambour or Agar Wood and many important gods of Mahayan Doctrine.Tel. 0-2571-1155, 0-2571-0654.
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Wat Bang Phai, Royal Monastery
There is a legend telling that the builder of this monastery were people evacuated from Si Aytthaya when its independence lost to Burmese troop in 1767. Within its old church situated the gold Buddha Image casted in Sukhothai Age. In 1991. His Royal Highness Crown Prince had given permission to have his abbreviated name M.V.K. affixed at the gable of the church. The outstanding characteristics of this monastery is that it has the school of Buddha?s Teaching Studies and a beautiful Thai quarterfoil gable hall amidst the pond to keep Tripitaka (Three divisions of the Buddhist Canon) Tel. 0-2571-7531, 0-2921-0998.
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Victorian Lotus (Bua Kradong)
Another most interesting agricultural touring place here is the place producing and distributing seedling of the largest leaved Victorian Lotus. Tel. 0-2571-7154, 08-9057-2289.
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Sombatburi agricultural tourism center
This place is the wholesale and retail market of flowers plants, decorative plants and varieties of plants including to completely availability of house and garden decorative equipment. Tel. 08-1910-3370
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Phiphat Farm
This place is the combination and distribution center of toxinless vegetables and plants and OTOP (One Tambon One Product) of Nonthaburi according to His Majesty the King?s Sufficiency Economic Principle. There are hydropronic (without soil) greenhouse to produce vegetable and plants having the biggest open roof in Thailand. Tel. 0-2571-7154, 0-295-6961-6
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Completely Integrated Demonstrative Goat Farming Center
This place is the completely integrated demonstrative goat farming center which relay and demonstrate the technology of goat husbandry and there is demonstration of milking and to see cosmetics preparation produced from goat milk and it is also the learning center about bio-fertilizer production with goat manure as the raw material. Tel. 0-2923-0261
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