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Bang Kruai District  
Bang Kruai District
There are many monasteries in this district, each temple was built in different ages that reflects the way of people?s living side by side with the history telling the background of the nation. At Bang Kruai ? Chongthanom Road, Maha Sawat Sub-district, it is also the important agricultural tourism place ample with flowers plants, fragrant plant s and fruitful plants.
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Wat Phleng
This monastery was previously called ? Wat Thongphleng? abandoned in Bang Khanun by the canal of Wat Sak Yai, presumably built in King Narai the Great?s reign. There is a great church, previously very ruined, only four wall without door and window panel remained, no roof also remained, there are banyan trees that climb and cover both the front side and rear side, their roots firmly affix and support the structure not to collapse down , spectacular similarly to that of Khmere temple ruin. At present, the monastery has new temple and very much improvement, the main Buddha Image in the temple is called Luang Pho To Contact or inquire for more information at tel. 0-2446-7535-8.
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Wat Pho Bang-O
This monastery was an old one built in the ending days of Ayutthaya Age. Visitors may admire beautiful wall painting, Dharma puzzle pictures within the church had been repaired and renovated in King Rama III?s reign by Krom Luang Seniborirak (the ancestor of Senivong Family), the son of the deputy king supervised the renovation. Within the monastery, there are niche structures that protects ?Sema? this is the art of the ending days of Ayutthaya Age. Tel. 0-2447-5837.
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Wat Chalo
This monastery was built in King Boromkot of Ayutthaya Age conceptualized from the king?s dream that a Chinese man came to propose that a church of royal barge-shape should be built there. The church seems loaded of the largest royal barge name ?Suphanhong? (Imaginary Swan) in the world . In the old temple, there are many Buddha images of Sukhothai Age established. Tel. 0-2883-9277, 0-2447-5121 .
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Wat Bang Khanun
Visitors can see the drug crushing stone (Thai tradition medicine preparation) which is in good condition, big size, and rare to find one and admire the beauty of Thammat ? Monk?s seat while preaching built in the ending days of Ayutthaya Age, beautiful and colorful carving in fine delicate flowers ornament and the beautiful wall painting behind the back of the main Buddha Image. Tel. 0-2879-8839.
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Wat Bang Krai Nai
This monastery was previously called ?Wat Nai Krai? situated by the bank of Khlong Bang Krai Nok, presumably built in the initial days of Ratanakosin (Bangkok) Age as a memorial place of Mr. Kraithong who defeated Crocodile named Chalawaan in a Thai legend. There is Kraithong Shrine which is worshipped by people.Within its church, there is colorful painting of a Door God holding a lance-like weapon, with background painted in picture of Cotton rose, its flowers and leaves. Tel. 0-2924-7975.
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Wat Bang Oi-Chang
This monastery is situated in the communities whose duties used to supply elephant food ? normally sugar-canes and other plants to the king?s elephants in Ayutthaya Age. Visitors can pay homage to the hanging ( raised as on hill )Buddha?s foot-print casted with bronze more than 200 years ago, just one of this in the world, visiting museum collecting many antiques remained from Ayutthaya Ages. Tel. 0-2883-7203, 08-12681723.
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Bang Kruai Flowers and Decorative Plants Street (Bang Kruai ? Chongthanom Road)
This place is the combination center of various species of flowers and decorative plants , production and distribution. The shops lined both sides of the road for 17 kilometers distance, consisting of flowers plants, decorative plants, fragrant plants and varieties of fruitful tree seedlings. Tel. 0-2447-5924, 08-1772-5588
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