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Bang Yai District  
Wat Amphawan
This monastery was previously named ? Wat Bang Muang?, it has Mondhop or a square hall with a tower of Burmese art style (Shwedagon Pagoda Style) where the simulated Buddha?s foot print is established, a Hotrai or the tower repository of the Buddhist scriptures. amidst the pond which has been admired to be a very completely beautiful architecture. Tel. 0-2595-1531.
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Wat Saothonghin (Rock Flag Post)
This monastery was previously named ?Wat Sak? because it has many teak trees (Sak in Thai). At this monastery, it used to be a military camp in the beginning of King Tak Sin?s reign, he ordered soldiers to bury the foot of the flag post and had rocks covered around to support it. When he had conquered the battle, he ordered to have the monastery renovated and changed its name to ?Wat Saothonghin? Tel. 0-2595-1449.
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Wat Suankaew
This monastery was previously named ?Wat Kaew?, it had been abandoned for 80 years until Laung Pho Thian Jittasupho came to reside and later Phra Phayom Kalayano came from Suan Mokkhaphalaram, Suratthani to this place and requested to organize Novice in the Summer Ordination Project at this monastery and he has been developing this monastery to be the second Suan Mokkhaphalaram near Bangkok and also founded Wat Suan Kaew Foundation to perform public benefits and to propagate Dharma or Buddha teaching principle. Tel. 0-2595-1444, 0-2921-5022.
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Thai Sabai Art Garden and Bang Yai Agricultural Tourism Center
This place is the training and educating center of Thai medical wisdom or knowledge, integrated with artful works and primitively agricultural tourism source (Nonthaburi Orchards Tour) of Bang Yai District. Tel. 02-921-5175, 0-2921-5185.
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Wat Prang Luang (Great Stupa)
This monastery was previously named ?Wat Luang? presumably built in the initial days of Autthaya Age, possibly in King Uthong?s reign, the outstanding point is the Main Stupa (cormcorb-shaped tower derived from the Khmer temple), built in brick bonding coat with mortar, situated on three layers of big earthen pots bed so called ?Bualukfak Base?. It is the only stupa found in the vicinity of Bangkok area and its circumference. The main Buddha Image in the temple is named Luang Pho Uthong, being the Marawichai Style Buddha made of concrete or stucco image, lacquered and affixed with gold leaves. Tel. 0 -2595-1477.
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Wat Ratprakhongtham
Visitors can pay homage to Three Cities (Sam Nakhon) Chedi and prostrate to pray for blessing from the reclining Buddha Image.This monastery was previously named ?Wat Khangkao?, it has presumably built in the ending days of Sukhothai Age. The reclined Buddha image so called ?Luang Pho Phra Non? is established in ?Three cities chedi hall? that means the cities of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Nakhon Pathom and Nakhon Phanom. Tel. 02-595-1456.
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Flowers street , Orchid gardens at Bang Yai
There are various species of flowers and plants for distribution. There are a lot of varieties of flowers, decorative plants and gardening decorative equipment. The shops selling such things lined both sides of Kanchanaphisek (Talingchan ? Suphanburi) so this street is called the ?Flowers Stree?.
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Wat Tonchueak
This monastery was built in 1781 , having Luang Pho Viharn as the main Buddha Image worshipped and respected by villagers and travelers in the old days throughout the time until nowadays. Tel. 0-2927-7418-9.
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