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Nonthaburi is an old city emerged in history for 460 years. Its original community was situated at Ban Talat Khwan District, known as the famous orchards  
area in the old days as appeared in the Simon de La Loubere’s Journey Archive, French ambassador in King Narai’s reign said “the orchards belt area at  
Bangkok exists continuously along the banks of Chao Phraya upstream for 4 Li (unit of length equivalently half kilometers) to its extremity at Talat Khwan. It  
fulfills this capital  with ample fruits that native people very much like to consume fruits”

In 1549 of King Maha Chakraphat’s reign, Talat Khwan Village’s status was raised up to be a city named Nonthaburi. Later in King Rama V’s reign, the  
community of Nonthaburi  was ordered the city hall built at left bank of Chao Phraya until in 1928, King Rama 7 ordered the city hall situated at the new  
location at  Rajvidhayalai  School, Bang Khwang Village, Suan Yai Sub-district. At present, has been moved to situate at Ratanathibet Road.

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