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Sai Noi District  
Sai Noi District
This district has floating market as the pool of food, fruits and vegetables awaiting for tourists to buy and there is a village planting more than 100 species of Caladium especially Bicolor (Ait.) Vent. with bougainvilleas gardens, orchid gardens waiting for visitors to visit and admire them. Besides, there is a monastery built in integrated arts of Thai ? Mon- Chinese belief with the sacred Gold Buddha Image to enhance auspice to ones who respect.
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Sai Noi Floating Market
This place is the pool of indigenous food at cheap prices, products of the local people, clean, delicious at neighbor?s price or otherwise, visitors may choose to ride a boat along Khlong Phimonracha to absorb the charm of Thai way of life, small local-made cars ready available for service to visit agricultural farms.Tel. 08-1848-6991, 0-2597-1373
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Wat Seniwong
This monastery was built in Thai- Chinese - Mon arts integration harmoniously, spectacular strange and rare to have opportunity to see. There is Sompratthana Chedi (as you wish and pray) which is Raman style pagoda or stupa believed to contain Lord Buddha?s ash. Tel. 0-2927-6775, 08-9062-6499, 0-2927-6814.
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Chaloemphrakiat Caladium Village or especially Bicolor (Ait.) Vent.
This place is the planting pool of Bicolor ( Ait.) Vent. , more than 100 species simply combination called ?Bon Si? ,the village was name to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen?s Honour on auspicious occasion of her 72nd birthday anniversary . It is an interesting agricultural tourism place. Tel.0-2597-1373, 0-2923-8739, 08-9099-3442, 08-5148-3051
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Wat Sai Yai
This monastery was previously called ?Wat Maha Nikhrotharam? that means the monastery of big banyan tree, the temple has been established a sacred gold Buddha Image, in ?Maravichai (Victory over Satan) ?built in Uthong Age by royal artisan, strange to say, there is a tunnel passage way beneath the church for glory and auspice to one who walks passing through. Besides, there are also the images of one famous apostle named ? Maha Kajjaya? and the Goddess of Rice. Tel. 0-2597-1263.
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Wat Khlong Khwang
This monastery has the church decorated with artful stucco solely made by hands in Thailand, its width is 13 meters, the foundation was raised up and have concrete poured throughout the perimeter of the church building. The whole external wall is decorated with Thai ornamental stucco, the floor paved with granite, the door and window panels carved in beautifully curl ivy-like ornamentation, the main Buddha Image adorned with Thai decorative stucco inlaid with piece of colorful porcelain while the inner wall of the church is painted in fine art of Lord Buddha?s story by skillful artisans.
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